The Game

RISK is a game of empires and enter galactic domination.

Rules for this game are as fallows…

-A new universe must be created
-The real world must never be used as the game table
-The game table must be fundamentally the same as the Real world in that the material plain must be the center of the great wheel and things should be in relatively the same location
-any thing besides what was mentioned above may be changed in any way that the players wish.
-5 Powerful factions must be created as the major players in the game with many smaller factions around them.
-Angels,Demons,Gods, and other factions may become factions in their own right but not without balancing factors being added to the other 4 factions.
-No more than 10 beings may be taken from the Real World and placed inside of the game table without prior knowledge of the game or its rules
-No more than 5 Agents may be added to the game table with power and knowledge given to them by the elder gods.

More rules to come ….

The Game

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